Content management systems

A content management system enables you to update your website.

Our content management platforms can allow you to:

  • Create/edit/remove web pages
  • Create/edit/remove website menus
  • Create/edit/remove intranet or client content
  • Create meta tags and tag pages
  • Edit page descriptions
  • Create links to other pages
  • Upload files to the site, adding or replacing images, video, Flash files or virtually any sort of content
  • Resize images without the need for additional software such as PhotoShop
  • Create accounts for staff and clients to login to restricted areas of your website
  • Do all of the above instantly and without have to learn any complex software or upload files via FTP

Other benefits of a CMS

We believe the separation of the text content and your media assets from the application and design of your website is essential. This ensures:

  • your data is more portable for other environments and for future projects
  • the design of your website is more flexible and can be changed without having to reformat the content
  • functions can easily be applied to content of your site such as searching, transforming and exporting
  • you can have have human and search engine friendly urls
  • multiple admin users can edit the content of your site and from any location
  • design consistency is guaranteed strengthening your brand image and adhering to corporate guidelines
  • CSS can be used to format the content of your site allowing speedier delivery of the page
  • control of who sees what content is in your hands
  • your website is always up to date
Content management systems
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