How much does a website cost?

Since every job is different it is a case of how long is a piece of string?

We do not have a rigid pricing structure such as 1-5 pages costs x pounds, in fact with a content management system (cms) you can create as many pages as you wish at no extra cost. We will train you in using the content management system and do encourage you to add content to your website as often as possible. This will provide the search engines with more content to index and will result in your website appearing in more search results

Price guide

Most projects come in between £1000 and £10000, but we do work outside this range.

To design and build a typical website with content management system (cms) we would charge around £2000

Logo design from £150

Once we know what you want we will provide you with a quote which we will adhere to and deliver on time.

Our terms:

50% commencement fee prior to starting the project

50% within 30 days of completion

On large projects payments can be spread out over more stages.

All prices exclude VAT

How much does a website cost, website pricing guide